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Webcopycat Review

web copy cat system reviews

Done For You Money System For Beginners.

Webcopycat Review


Done for you lead capture page, sales funnel and affiliate products.

First $

The time varies but on average 1-7 days.


10 Day Trial Period $1. $34.95 /month plus Up-sells. 


Excellent support from Facebook group members. 

Summary: Webcopycat is a complete business in a box.  The team will set your lead capture page, auto-responder and follow up emails. You will pay a monthly membership fee, buy traffic and pay for your auto-responder. You will earn 50% commission on every product sold.


  • Most of the hard lifting is done-for-you by the WCC team.
  • You own the lids generated into your auto-responder.
  • You can buy traffic inside the backend of the system. 
  • The system is newbie friendly.


  • You need to pay for membership, autoresponder and buy traffic which can be expensive.
  • You can not promote any other products using the system unless you quit.
  • Results are not guaranteed and depends on the quality of traffic.

10 Day Trial $1. Premium Membership $34.95/month. Pay for auto-responder

What is Webcopycat System?

It a done for you money system which was developed by an online internet marketer named Devon Brown. He calls it 'the easiest way to make money online with your very own done-for-you internet business. This literally means Devon's team creates lead capture pages for you, sends the leads to your auto-responder pre-loaded with follow up messages.

The Webcopycat system provides up-sells that will be sold to the captured leads and you share the profit 50-50. Your profit is deposited into your Paypal account twice every month.

Are you wondering where you will get traffic to send to your capture pages from? Devon will sell you any amount of traffic that you need to send to your done-for-you landing pages.

If this system works, then indeed it one of the simplest business models ever.

Is The Done For You Money System Any Good?

  • It allows you to create your business online faster than any other system.
  • All the heavy lifting is taken care of such as the creation of lead capture pages, products and sales funnel.
  • Building your own e-mail list will allow you to market to the same people over an extended period of time.
  • New funnels are added every month to your portfolio.
  • Customer support is taken care of by the Webcopycat team including processing your payments and refunds.
  • You can buy Solo ad traffic from within the system (getting traffic to offers can be a pain when you are getting started online).
  • It allows you to test the system after paying only $1 which is great.
  • Since everything is done-for-you, the system is great for both seasoned marketers and newbies.
  • Support is offered inside an active Facebook group.
  • You can also send traffic to the optin page from other cheaper sources.

What Is Bad About The Web Copy System? scam
  • From the FAQ page, WCS makes it clear that you can't promote own products to YOUR list - they only want to promote their products.
  • You are both the customer and business owner... you will also buy the same products you will sell to others.
  • Solo Ad traffic can be expensive ($97 per 100 clicks) and results are not guaranteed.
  • You are paying for a system, buying traffic to promote it and then sharing profits with the owner of that very system.
  • You need additional funds to pay for an autoresponder such as Aweber which charges $19/month.
  • While WCC will pay you through Paypal (which makes it easy to get refunds), they only accept payments via credit cards which is quite worrisome.
  • To many up-sells both to you and your list which may lead to people unsubscribing from your list.

How Much Does The System Cost?

  • 10 Day Trial - $1.
  • Membership - $34.95 per month.
  • Traffic - $97 for 100 Leads.
  • Autoresponder (Aweber) - $19/month.

    You need at least $151,95 to get your feet wet with this program.
    Several other upsells including one-on-one coaching.

Is Webcopycat a Scam or Legit Business?

There are many done-for-you systems around the web can generate income for you while you relax at the beach front. The only challenge with such systems is that the results are not guaranteed and if they send crapy traffic to your lead capture pages you end up out of pocket. If you are a newbie to the internet marketing world and such systems fail, you are left with no knowhow of how to make money online. DFY businesses are legit and they can assist in shortcutting the learning curve.

Web copycat is legit although it can be costly when you are getting started and results are not guaranteed. You can however earn commissions by promoting the same system to others. The question is, if WCC has got its own products, funnels and traffic why do they need partners?

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