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Ipoll apk – Scam or Legit Survey Site?

Ipol APK download

What is Ipoll – Apk?

Ipoll is a survey site once called Survey Head. It boasts of an Ipoll apk app for taking survey which anyone can download from the website. It is great product which continually reward you for taking surveys from established companies.

There are many ways to make money with Ipoll including taking surveys, sweepstake and inviting others to join the program. It is indeed a fabulous company to take surveys for.

Ipoll review.

In this review of Ipoll, l will reveal what’s inside the survey site and whether it is worth your time. l will tell you what to expect after joining Ipoll and potential earnings with this site.

First, l will answer the most important question;

Is iPoll legit?

Yes it is; in my opinion. Let me list what is good about this program and you will also share your own independent judgement in the commentary box below.

ipoll survey bonus

  • It is free to join. NO account details required.
  • It is available globally …. even here in Sweden. Most surveys target people living in Europe.
  • Account creation and qualification is very easy. Just complete a form to register and confirm registration.
  • Will pay you $5 start up bonus.
  • Ipoll withdrawal threshold is very low. Starting from $10 – you qualify for magazine subscriptions.
  • It uses many payment processors to make payments. Some survey sites only use PayPal or gift cards.
  • Anyone above 17 can make money with Ipoll.
  • Pays you for completing Profile questions.
  • You can use the Ipoll Apk download to carry on surveys on the go.
  • You can get asked personal questions that you may feel uncomfortable to answer. You can ‘decline to answer though’.
  • It takes a long time to get paid as answers need to be approved and you will wait until you can reach the withdrawal thresh-hold.
  • You can get  iPoll rewards including bonus surveys.

What l didn’t like about iPoll.

  • IPoll 3% tax on PayPal payments will be deducted from your earnings.
  • Surveys can be long, taking up to 30 minutes yet paying less than $5.
  • It takes time to complete profile questions most of which maybe irrelevant to you.
  • You may rarely get surveys from Ipoll which reduces potential earnings.
  • It can waste your time by referring you to surveys you do not qualify to take.
  • Ipoll Apk app may be difficult to use when you are just getting started.

Ipoll how to cash out.

You can cash out using PayPal after your answers have been approved. The minimum cash out using PayPal is $50 although you can use other payment methods to receive small payments.

Ipoll Apk download.

You can download the app on iPhone or Android and install it on your phone. Just search in your App store for ‘iPoll’ and download it for free. Once installed, you can log in and get started.

The app allows you to complete tasks and get paid. Check out your app for task completion surveys when you visit restaurants, service stations and so forth.  These seem to pay more than ordinary surveys.

Ipoll Survey Tips.

Surveys are time consuming and at times not worth the time. Find how you can use 30 minutes of taking a survey to write articles on your own blog which will earn you income for a long time ….. even as you sleep. l am probably sleeping will you and others are reading this 30 minute review of Ipoll.

Nonetheless, here are some tips for taking surveys in general and Ipoll in particular;

  • Fill out iPoll profile questions first to reduce the number of survey disqualifications.
  • Take all surveys that you qualify for, even for low amounts. It adds up.
  • Use the all the channels to get surveys; visit the website, check mail and use the App for tasks.

Is iPoll a Scam?

Just like any other make money online program iPoll there are some complaints mainly against the App and lack of surveys to take. There are also some who claim that they have not been paid. It is important that it takes more than 30 days to get paid.

In my opinion, it is one of the legit survey sites which consistently pays participants. The mobile app gives it an added advantage. You can claim your instant $5 bonus below and get started.

ipoll access point

Share your opinion or experience with iPoll in the commentary box below. l shared mine.

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