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How to Use the Power of Forums to Drive Traffic to Your Site

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Free Forum Website Traffic

Generating traffic through the use of online forums can be tricky due to a number of reasons. Most of these reasons have to do with their ability to generate fast or long-term traffic. Below are some top concerns most Internet marketers face especially when they are new in generating traffic using online forums:

  1. Amount of traffic the forum receives.
  2. Length of time required for discussion or threads to cycle through the forum.
  3. Indexing quality of discussion posts by search engines.
  4. Forum restriction to access posts, e.g. members only or free.

When a forum receives high participation and its members are passionate with their topic of interest, it is usually a good sign that you will get quality streams of traffic from within that forum.

Better still, if the forum’s discussion posts are indexed by search engines, you may even pick up some organic search engine traffic. Organic traffic, also known as natural traffic, is a type of unpaid traffic that provides long-term success as is far more credible and competitive as opposed to paid traffic.

How To Drive Traffic To Your Website Using Forums?

Overall, the method used is fairly straightforward:

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  1. Look for forums that are relevant to your niche.
  2. Make sure the forums receive high amount of participation from their members.
  3. Sign up for an account and read up the threads to have judge of the forum community.
  4. Make yourself known by taking part in discussions.
  5. In your signature file, place a short advertisement that links to your opt-in page.

The easiest way to locate forums relevant to your niche is by running a search in search engines with the use of targeted keywords followed by the term “forum”. For instance, if your niche is on dog training, head to Google and punch in the search phrase “dog training forum” to look for forums related to dog training.

To generate even more niche-focused search results, you can search by coupling your keywords with the phrase “powered by [name of bulletin board software]”. For example, one popular bulletin board platform is phpbb. So, assuming you are searching for forums about gardening, you would type in “gardening powered by phpbb” into Google search. You will see a number of very niche-focused forums on gardening in your search results.

The whole idea here is to build trust and reputation in the forum community by providing useful solutions to problems faced by members of the community. Done consistently, you will start earning people’s curiosity about you and drawn to your profile. And the easiest way for them to do that is by looking at your signature file. Your signature file is an extra space reserved for you that is located right below each of your post or reply in the forum.

So, if you have put up your signature file describing your area of “expertise” along with a link to your opt-in page which provides further useful information, anyone who is interested after reading your posts or replies will click through to your site, and ideally, opt in to your list. Traffic generated with this method is much valuable because the visitors are pre-targeted and highly motivated due to context.

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