Why l Nearly Quit Blogging

Why l Nearly Quit Blogging In 2017


You are wondering why l nearly quit blogging?

When I first got started online…

I did what most people do.

Going after free traffic.

  • Creating a website
  • Writing blog posts.
  • Guest blogging.
  • Promoting my content on EVERY social media platform.
  • Optimizing for SEO.
  • Blogger Outreach.
  • Creating Youtube videos.

You name it…

This is indeed the best way to get started with Affiliate Marketing. You need to learn all the ROPES. l will remain a member of the Affiliate Marketing Training Program which took me by hand and showed me how to build a business online. The training program  is 100% FREE to get started. No bank details are required.

(l will talk about the new training or system that l discovered which creates a shortcut to landing your first dollar).

Two and half years later, l had managed to post almost 90 articles on my website.

My website was receiving almost 40+ k visitors per month (not bad for a newbie). By November, 2016 my website was averaging $1 000 plus each month in terms of earnings. l was monetizing it using affiliate programs, Amazon products  and Google Adsense.

Unfortunately, tragedy struck .

Such is life.

I had to sell the website.


My First Website Ever Sold For 38, 497

The website was sold and grossed $38 498. It was evaluated and listed on a website called Empire Flippers.

l was so excited because when the money was converted to Swedish Kronors, it looked like it was a lot of money.

l was all of a sudden a six figure earner… in Swedish Kronors … 😃.

Amount In Swedish Krona

After the dust had settled. l was left with some to spare.


…the excitement started to fizzle out pretty quickly.

l was about to start again from SCRATCH and toil for another 2 years to become a ‘six figure’ earner again? Six figures in Kronos… LOL.

Besides, soon after selling my website Amazon Tsunami slashed and fixed it’s commissions. This could have led to substantial losses in income.

Do not get me wrong:

l do not regret, taking that long to make any significant income …. because l was partly a newbie.

l also had a lot of time to spare.

Now l was wondering;


Google Sandbox

How on earth can l start searching for a new domain. Start pumping out content. Publishing new blog posts every week.

But at the end of the day…

I will still need to wait at least for 6 months while my website is in Google’s sandbox.

Seo Chat explained the Google’s sand box very well;

The Google Sandbox is an alleged filter placed on new websites. The result is that a site does not receive good rankings for its most important keywords and keyword phrases. Even with good content, abundant incoming links and strong Google PageRank, a site is still adversely affected by the Sandbox effect.

Unless you have other sources of traffic. Your website is grounded for almost half of the year. This has got nothing to do with your efforts. Or lack of passion…

Six LOOOOONG months….

What a loss of the MOST precious commodity in life – TIME!

I NOW call this the “SLOW LANE“.

But now…

l decided to move into the ”FAST LANE”.

l realised that there is nothing wrong with earning ‘legit‘ money quickly! l deliberately highlighted the words ‘legit’ because in Internet Marketing our minds are trained to read the statement;

Make money quick‘ as ‘Get scammed‘.

But when you look at it; who does not want to earn legit substantial income within the shortest time?

Com’n, this is ‘Internet Marketing’, NOT the construction of a brick and mortar offline business.

Fast forward 6 months … I’ve learned a thing or two about on demand investment traffic and sales.

l now make 2 to 5k a month … and ‘am still counting.


l now have hundreds of subscribers to my email list. … and a scalable and repeatable business. Compare this with some websites that ultimately  fail to gain any traction … in spite of the owner’s effort or passion.

Websites that are eventually abandoned and left to expire.

And you can bet, I did NOT get the results above through blogging!

Now you know why l nearly quit blogging…

l was taught the process of creating “Perpetual Traffic Machines“.

I call this the HOLY GRAIL in business.

A consistent flow of PAID traffic, leads and sales.

Did l just said PAID traffic? I now prefer to call it INVESTMENT traffic?

l know this could have given me goose bumps a few months ago.

Until, l realised the following stubborn facts that;

  • It is the quickest way to earn your first dollar online.
  • Paying for traffic is an INVESTMENT – just like how you pay for your keyword research tool, web-hosting and so forth.
  • All traffic is the SAME. How it converts to sales depends on your targeting, squeeze page, funnel optimization and the offer…
    (You need to target members of an exclusive upmarket Golf Club if you want sell a $10k golf shoe). It is the same people who search on Google… are on Facebook… Twitter …
  • Paid traffic is scalable. It took me 2 and half years to generate a few thousands of visitors. Build an email list of +1000 FREEBIE seeking subscribers. Now l can buy hundreds of clicks in a day. Get 100+ subscribers into my funnel.
  • Regrettably, there is NO free traffic. You pay through the nose with your time.

How To Generate Leads On Demand.

Leads on demand

l have learn the art of using OTHER PEOPLE’S efforts to shortcut the traffic getting process.

Others get the traffic. Sort it for me. Deliver my ordered traffic to my optin page. l collect emails. Convert subscribers to ‘perfect’ customers with credit card in hand ready to buy…

“Perpetual Traffic Systems” that bring you new leads and sales in a consistent, predictable way.

MOST people buy unqualified traffic. Send them to a ‘lame’ squeeze page on which only a few people opt in. Their sales funnel is generic and NEVER converts.

Worse still, they promote lowly priced products. They don’t offer additional or related products. The infamous ‘upsells‘.

Personally, l prefer upsells than having ‘a business in a box‘ with a fixed monthly price. Most people only use a quarter of tools in the box…

If your iPhone is for calling, texting and Googling … you are better off with a $50 Nokia.


That’s where most people lose it. They end up blaming the traffic. Calling sources of traffic that others are making a killing out of … scams!

How Did l Stop Making Money Slowly.

To cut the story short, l decided to search for training that would teach me how to create wealth quicker than blogging. With adequate training, l know l can promote ANY ‘legal’ product on the planet and make a profit.

l stumbled upon it and enrolled

The business model leverages the power of other people’s email lists … Solo Ads.

Why Solo Ads?

supper targeted Solo Ads

  • They are highly targeted – you can get solo ads for travel, bizz op and so forth.
  • Few changes – no-one has got monopoly over Solo Ad providers and can change terms willy nilly.
  • Solo Ads are rapidly scalable – you can buy a 100 clicks, couple of hundreds or even thousands.
  • It’s competition free – no bidding crap. Just visit your provider’s websites and pay for your order… thats it.
  • Highly profitable – pop in a dollar and get $2 out. Rinse and repeat.
  • Long term – stood the test of time. As long as there is software to deliver email… it works.
  • No website needed – no tech stuff or expertise required.
  • Easy to get started – find good Solo Ad provider, make an order and give them the swipe (message) and link. Done.

Just like any other traffic source, you can flash your cash down the drain. l have blown money on FB, got banned by Google and even gave Bing a go.

That’s is why l enrolled into a course that offers;

How To Succeed With Solo Ads – a failure proof approach to getting started with Solo Ads the right way.

  • How to build an email list using other people’s efforts to shortcut the traffic getting process.
  • How to find profitable Solo Ad sellers
  • Writing winning Solo Ad swipe
  • Creating highly converting landing pages
  • Link tracking  to ensure you get all your clicks from the agreed source
  • Learn how to select offers that convert
  • You can get a guaranteed done for you automated Solo Ad business if you are time pressed
  • Private case studies like the $0 to $10,000 case study in 3 months.
  • Private Coaching with 6 figure earners trained by Tony Robinson
  • Access to a private Facebook group where your questions are promptly answered.

But before you join, you MUST first check if this is for you. No business is for everyone.

Who Is Not A Perfect Fit For This Business?

You’re not willing to treat your online efforts as real business and invest any money on it. Hobbies do not pay bills….

You view paying for traffic as a cost instead of an investment.

You think that entrepreneurship is synonymous with struggle and hours of toiling.

 Linked to the above point, you think any business that ‘legally get you rich quick‘ is a scam.

You’re afraid of taking action. You are given the email to send to prospective customers. The affiliate link to copy/ paste into the email and shown where to buy traffic YET you spend months procrastinating.

You want someone else to handle your entire business for you…while you click on your inbox refresh button for the PayPal notification emails. YET you don’t want to pay people doing the legwork on your behalf.

You Are A Perfect Fit If;

You’re savvy enough to know that “the struggle” of spending months waiting to get out of Google’s’ sand box and tickle of un-targeted traffic will cost your precious time.

You’re done hustling for peanuts in the online world. You’ve been super patient about the situation, but you are getting old and you’re ready to do something about it.

You’re not afraid of a little “learning”. Heck, you’ve been immersed in it ever since you took on this online thing…. an extra 2 hours per day won’t hurt.

You want a repeatable and scalable way of making money online using paid traffic.

You’re fully on board with the idea that you can quickly make the leap to a profitable business and keep doing this online thing for the long haul.

You’re super excited that in just the first 3 modules alone, your business will be up and running. No website required.

  You still have some lingering doubts, reservations and skepticism about this business model but you’re at least willing to give it a fair shot. Also knowing your back is covered by the 30 day money back guarantee if you ever decide that you prefer taking the long way.

You know that it takes the same time and effort to create a website to promote a $100 product as it takes for a $1 000 product.

You don’t want to constantly keep up with uncle Google’s constant algorithm changes  or Facebook ever changing terms of service.

So, that’s it.

Tally it up.

If you’ve said yes to at least 5 green ticks …

Join the Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp today.

Disclaimer: This results are NOT typical. Remember l am a busy parent taking care of three children. l am only sharing my own affiliate marketing journey.

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